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How Do You Share The Hope

June 7th 2017 in Uncategorized

The phrase “Share The Hope That Is In You” has been tossed around the Christian community for generations. Billy Gram preached to thousands. Bill Sunday drew people from all over the country to a small town in Indianian. Is this how you picture yourself in fulfilling sharing the hope you have? For most of us the Lord has different plans.

You have this passion in your heart to share what Jesus has done for you. It burns, but what do you do with it? What Would Jesus Do? That I can not tell you. But I can tell you what Jesus did! He told stores. They are fantastic stories that challenge and transform peoples lives with the power of all mighty God behind every word. These stores are lock in a book and all you have to do is unlock them for those around you. This is the hope that is within you.

Our world is filled with preachers on television, bookstores filled with books and radio programs all trying to reach the lost. Yet your friends and family have not heard the Good New and have no desires to listen these voices. Every time you pull out your Bible the topic changes, conversations end and doors close. If all of these professionals are ignored what chance do you have of reaching your friends, neighbors or the man on the street with the Good New in your heart and fulfilling the calling Jesus has given you. Try telling the story, that is what Jesus did.

It is that simple, just tell the most fantastic stories the world has every heard. It is the Story Of God and His People. Now I am not talking about reading some script or memorizing some verses. A story teller draws his audience in through all of his abilities and senses. How do I know! My work as a missionary has taught me the value of story telling or storying.

As I have traveled the extensively across America I have spoken to audience both small and large. Talked to the man on the street and in coffee shops. A good story told well captures peoples attention, brings crowded auditoriums to a point where you can hear a pin drop. All over a short story.

I want to invite you on a journey that will open doors for you to share that hope within you in a fun and exciting way. To join me in helping you tell the story of Jesus to people whom have never heard. To transform your routine life to that of a Story Teller that can capture an audience for five minutes and capture their conversation for an hour. Then there is the best part – see the Holy Spirit transform lives in front of your eyes.

The question that needs to be answered is: What do you leave behind? Make in impact leave them with a story about the Kingdom.

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