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How Will They Hear

June 6th 2017 in Uncategorized

So many people are just turned off by religious people. They may pass by many church buildings on the way to work, but never would they be caught dead in one. Do you know people that fit this description? I am sure you do. Some of these people just might be friends of yours. Is your heart sadden and is it your desire to see them in the Kingdom? It is mine and I hope your heart burns to see them at the Great Weeding Feast of the Lamb.

As these people walk around in life, they are given Gospel Tracks as they depart the grocery store and Bible preachers as they flip through the channels on the television. This is evident by the ground that is littered with fliers and your friends favorite radio stations are not the same as yours. If they stay in a hotel room, most have Bibles, but they seem to find their way into an empty drawer. They are never read. A person can spend their entire life in a Christianized culture and never actually hear the Good News. Do you know anyone like this? I am sure you do or you need too.

I am sure at one time in your life, you gave your lost friends a Bible in hopes that they would read it and ask you questions or invite you over their house to explain the hard verses to them. This of course never happen. You have concluded that they are just not interested. Do not give up hope! They will hear, if you are willing to tell them the Greatest story every told. Jesus did not send out books, videos or fliers to deliver His message but people. This was done on purpose. You have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to tell Jesus’ story. Think about that. Jesus has equipped you to share His story on the street, in homes and to your friends.

If you read through the Gospels you will find Jesus sending people out to share the Good News of the Kingdom. What you will not find is any of these people taking a Bible with them. They go only with the stories in their hearts and parts of the Old Testament that they have committed to memory. Could this be you? Can you memorize a few stories from the old and new testament to share with your friends? It is easier than you think.

I am talking about an investment of your time to memorize a few stories that are only a few minutes long. Then take the time to practice telling them with passion and conviction. The last steep in this process is to actually stand in front of your friend and tell them the story. Will they recognize the story you are telling them and that it comes from the Bible? Some will but many will not and it does not matter if they know where it comes from. What matters is that they see that it is a story you hold as true and a conviction that the story is real. After you tell the story solicit their thoughts on the story. Their response will show you where their heart lies.

Jesus designed His message to be told by His disciples, which that means you. It is all about a Spiritual Battle and the simplicity of just telling a story. The scriptures ask the question;”How can they hear unless the preacher is sent?”. So the question to you is, what did you leave behind? Can they follow your tracks that should look like the Masters?

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