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I Love To Tell The Story

June 6th 2017 in Uncategorized

There are two good old hymns “I Love To Tell The Story” and “Tell Me The Old Old Story”. This carries us back to a time when people did not have TV or radio and shared the stories that were close to their heart. For many it was the stories of the New Testament and stories about victories in life through the Grace and Blood of Jesus Christ. These were personal stories that people could relate too

and stories about encounters with Jesus. Our modern times with television and radio, the art of story telling is becoming a lost art. The stories people hear are becoming limited to what sells on TV and radio and not what comes from peoples hearts.

In this fast paced life of video cell phones, “The Old Old Story” has been replaced by a complex web of movies, TV preachers and slick video presentation. The simplicity of the message has been lost and the individual conviction of the fact that the story is real and Jesus is living today. It is hard for the lost to sift through all the noise around them and gain an understating of what is Truth. This is where you can make a difference.

You can recapture that simplicity of The Story and tell it with conviction and passion as if you there when Jesus calm the waves or raised the dead. It is with this fire in our eyes that will capture your friends attention. When you capture their attention then they are hearing the Word Of God spoken to them. The promise we are given is that the Word of God does not return void. Take a moment and meditate on this idea. That you speaking the Word of God, that old old story, has the power to transform lives in a powerful way. This is why the Holy Spirit has called you to tell The Story.

This is why you need to tell the story. Pray and seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. He will confirm this Truth. The best way for your friends to receive the Good New of Jesus Christ is if you learn to tell the best story ever told. It will take some work because story telling is an art and it is fun. They might shoot the messenger but they love a story teller. My hope is that I can convinced you to come on this journey of reaching your friends for Christ. If you do not try, then they will not see the light that is within you.

The fist thought many of us have at this point is; “the Bible is a big book, where do I start?”. This big book is 78% stories, so there is a large selection to choose from. The idea is to keep it fun and simple. Start with the short ones. Jesus left us with a number of short parables that can be tossed in the middle of any conversation. From there the short story will lead to question and more stories. The best part of story telling is that you do not have to “leave the story”. It is not like a Bible study where the entire book is up for grabs, much of which you do not feel comfortable talking about. Just stick with the story you are telling. Check out some of our other articles on how you can become a story teller.

You have been called to be light in a dark world. There are all sorts of complex evangelism methods that believers use in this complex world of ours. Give Jesus method a try. He told stories and His disciples told stories. When you leave behind “The Old Old Story” you leave a behind a piece of God.

So I ask? What are you leaving behind? Can they see your Lizard Track?

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