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What Is A Lizard Track?

June 6th 2017 in Uncategorized

We have traveled extensively through the United States with a lizard puppet in tow. It was part of a story we told of the Lizard and the Frog. There is a clear comparison here between frogs and lizards that we need to explore. The first is to consider the Biblical references to these two animals. The scriptures has nothing good to say about frogs.

They are part of plagues and used to describe the ugliness of spiritual beings. The lizard can be found in Proverbs chapter 30, as something you can grab with your hands in the kings palace. This gives us a positive slant to the lizard or at least they are considered as part of the royal courtyard.

The frog is not a hunting animal. They like to sit on lily pads and make lots of noise, croaking all night long. Frogs have long tongues to thrust out and catch small insects. If the nights catch is not the best, they will just move to another location. The life of a frog can be summed up as an animal that just sits around waiting and watching life pass by.

A lizard gives us a very different perspective on eating bugs. They have teeth, long tongues and feet that give them the ability to climb walls. They are very adaptive creatures to their environment and aggressive hunters seeking prey stealthily. I live in the tropics. Lizards crawl through our yard all the time, yet we rarely see them. They are hard to spot but lizard tracks are easily found.

In this story the frog is used to represent the average church attendee. We are called by Christ to share the Good News with all. Yet it seems many sit in church and hang around the church waiting for the lost to walk by. If they get in range of the frogs tongue they will strike out and try to catch some. The lizard is more like a missionary living in a foreign land. The missionary adapts to the culture. They are very aggressive hunters looking for the lost and sharing the Good News in a manner that the locals can understand. If at first they do not succeed, then they will adapt what they are doing to meet the challenge.

Jesus gave one last command before he left the earth to His disciples. “Go therefore and make disciples…” Note the word Go. This is a very active verb of moving outward. We think the lizard best describes the Go part of the command. We do not need people to see us as a billboard advertising some product or life style. We need to deliver His message in an appropriate manner that blends us into the things of life. Yet our tracks should be distinctive and easily found. They should reflect the tracks of the Master Himself. Jesus told stories that are still talked about even to this day. They are packed with spiritual power and the ability to connect direct to the heart of man. This is the trail we want you to leave behind.

Which will it be, a Frog or a Lizard? What are you leaving behind as you intentionally walk through peoples lives? Do they remember how you ended your last conversation? These are all good questions if you are trying to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. The command we are given is to “GO” and tell His story. Please join us and learn how to tell the story of Jesus in an impactful way that leaves a trail behind that reflects the one who sends us. So the question is: What do you leave behind?

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