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How Do You Share The Hope

June 7th 2017

The phrase “Share The Hope That Is In You” has been tossed around the Christian community for generations. Billy Gram preached to thousands. Bill Sunday drew people from all over the country to a small town in Indianian. Is this how you picture yourself in fulfilling sharing the hope you have? For most of us […]

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How To Reach My Friends

June 7th 2017

Your heart aches for your friends to come to the saving love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Yet every time you try to say something about Jesus they respond like you have insulted them. You might hear responses like “How can you believe in that crap!” or “You take me for in idiot!”. These are […]

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How Will They Hear

June 6th 2017

So many people are just turned off by religious people. They may pass by many church buildings on the way to work, but never would they be caught dead in one. Do you know people that fit this description? I am sure you do. Some of these people just might be friends of yours. Is […]

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I Love To Tell The Story

June 6th 2017

There are two good old hymns “I Love To Tell The Story” and “Tell Me The Old Old Story”. This carries us back to a time when people did not have TV or radio and shared the stories that were close to their heart. For many it was the stories of the New Testament and […]

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What Is A Lizard Track?

June 6th 2017

We have traveled extensively through the United States with a lizard puppet in tow. It was part of a story we told of the Lizard and the Frog. There is a clear comparison here between frogs and lizards that we need to explore. The first is to consider the Biblical references to these two animals. […]

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Total New System

December 29th 2013

It looks like we are back up and running. We have changed our format. We have switched over to a Blog format using WordPress. We hope this will work out for promoting Bible Storying.  So please stay tuned.

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